About Wallace Flour Mills


Food is life. Wheat flour is often the life of the food. Wallace produces high quality, safe and nutritious flour that truly flowers the health of its consumers. As a pioneering and a leading flour mill based in central India, it caters to the world. In 1889, Wallace Flour Mills was commissioned in Mumbai and it's unit, namely, Central India Flour Mills was commissioned in 1956 in Bhopal. Today, with a capacity of 300 metric tons per day, Wallace is a vital player in the flour industry with Camel as its flagship brand. Wallace's market extends from central to pan-India and abroad; winning a distinct appreciation for its promise to nurture and flower the health of its consumers.

Wallace Flour Mills’ journey to prominence dates back to more than a century ago, in the year 1889. A farsighted entrepreneur, Rao Bahadur Vissanji Khimji, established “Wallace Flour Mills" invested with a capacity of 40 Tons / day. From thence started an ambitious drive met with unparalleled success at every milestone. Rao Bahadur Vissanji Khimji’s entrepreneurial talent and sheer determination saw Wallace flour mills overcome some of the most challenging times.

Central India Flour Mills

A unit of Wallace Flour Mills Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Central India Flour Mills, a unit of Wallace Flour Mills Co. Pvt. Ltd., was commissioned in 1956. Situated in the wheat growing region of central India, it has distinguished itself as one of the oldest and leading flour mills in the region. Committed to delivering high quality and customer service, CIFM’s brand Camel has made great headway in the hearts and minds of its customers. A fact supported by the ever growing band of loyal clientele.


Vision is not a word. It's a verb. In 1889, Shri Rao Bahadur Vissanji Khimji, laid the foundation stones for 'Wallace Flour Mills' in Mumbai, with an initial capacity of 40 Metric Tons per day. His reputation grew on the pillars of quality and innovation. In 1937, Wallace introduced bulk storage of wheat in concrete silos for the first time in India. It was also the first to introduce bulk storage of flour and automatic rapid packaging in 1962. Today, the legacy continues to live and evolve under the aegis of the Chairman and C.E.O. - Mr. Hemant Vissanji.